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03 March 2009 @ 09:32 pm
Ripped her arm and eyeball right off and ate her through her armpit.

Poor girl. I got another, boring, tiny tank for Buddy as punishment, and to save Anda and Comets from further cannibalism.


P.S. Will show you pics of crabcorpse soon.
09 April 2008 @ 08:51 pm
UPDATED 02/08/2009

24 April 2007 @ 09:23 am
If we get 500 siggies, a former employee of the company that hosted my favorite game (now dead) will approach the developer on our behalf to re-start it!

Here's an article about the entire deal:

Here's where you can sign (be sure to use the format requested):

One of those "Carpers",
08 April 2006 @ 01:53 pm

To those who know me, you can ignore this. To those who don't, leave a comment or something here if you want; I'll get back to you.

Bumbling around,
11 March 2006 @ 04:39 pm
[mood| ...yay?....]
[music| Something from the film "Hush"]

Cat to DM:"It's mating time! Chocobo Viagra for all!"
Harry Potter Innuendo:
"You are not in a position to bargain, Potter," said Lucius Malfoy, his pale face flushed with pleasure.
(Book 5, p.705, Australian Edition)

I woke up with the thought of becoming one with my pants. I have no idea why. XDDD Especially since I was wearing sleep-shorts.

Also, yesterday, when a song on my CD stopped, I heard a child scream outside, "...it every Wednesday...!", and you know what I thought, since the kiddies in my neighborhood scream like they're dying all the time as it is)?

'What was she saying before that? It had to have been a possessive verb like thinks or does...something with an s. Huh....'

Then, a random little thought that took the form of a rhyme in my head without my realizing it at first, on the subject that the Topeka West High School mascot, the Charger, actually has a name:

'Chester sounds like molestor...Chester the molestor. Chester molests breasts. Holy shit!'

Ushering you out of her warped little mind,
[mood| ...ohhhhh, sleepy....]
[music| Ambient Wonder - Halo]

Drakanious to DM:"A picture's worth a thousand words, but a blind man once said, 'Who gives a fuck?'"
Harry Potter Innuendo:
"A couple of weeks after his dream of Rookwood, Harry was to be found, yet again, kneeling on the floor of Snape's office..."
(Book 5, p.520, Australian Edition)

You know what I just realized, folks?

It's been almost a decade since I've become obsessed with Gundam Wing yaoi, and a little less so with yaoi in general. I've seen terms that most people would think are random typos, but mean a specific kind of art to me; I know the pairing-formats for at least three different anime/manga fandoms. But you know what? I still forget what exactly the acronyms mean. Like, TWT, PWP, easy. POV, OOC, OC, AU, etc, piece of cake. But what gets me is one thing....

When I see an acronym, like WAFF, and know it means fluff and nice stuff, but can't remember what the hell the actual letters stand for.

And then, ten minutes later, I'll be in the middle of drawing, or homework, or CLASS, and suddenly, up comes a thought:

"Warm and fuzzy feelings!"

And I'll wonder what the hell I'm thinking that for.

Then forget about it.

And it'll happen again because I forgot that I needed that acronym.


Three Things memeCollapse )

Weird as hell,

P.S. Also...I know, intrinsically, the difference between slash and yaoi, but fuck me if I can put it into words. Why is that? And then there's the fruity aspect of yaoi; no, I'm not being redundant - I'm referring to lemon, lime, and citrus. Lemons are sex. Lime focuses more on foreplay. But what the hell, exactly, is citrus? Is it a combination of the two, or something completely different? My most important question of all, however, is this....

How the HELL did I get so obsessed and know so much but not understand the easy terms of my obsession?! Asberger's Syndrome, it is definitely NOT.

P.S.S I must always remember to never tempt Murphy's sadistic sense of humor again. -_- After I became giddy with relief from pain last night, I told Ki that nothing could spoil my bad mood. Well, damn you Murphy, for putting a cat with a crushed head on the side of the road as I made a run to the Kwik Shop this morning. And one that I thought was Nikki at first, too.

::driving, talks to other drivers:: "Come on, dude, speed limit's 30...."
::turns a corner:: "Finally! Idiots can't even go the right spee - OH, my god. NIKKI!"
::swerves, desperately tries to look closer at the body::
"It's not her!" ::so relieved::
04 March 2006 @ 06:43 pm
[mood| ...hacks and bastards....]
[music| Nothing, 'cause my mommy's sleeping....]

Sanke Korafi to DM:"...wait...you're not about to do something...evil...are you?"
Harry Potter Innuendo:
"Snape lay panting on the ground. James and Sirius advanced on him, wands raised...."
(Book 5, p.569, UK Edition)

Life's Unanswerable Questions
-What is the meaning of life? 42.
-What is under Marvin the Martian's kilt?
-Why are emo people...emo?
-Who am I?
-Where do we go when we die?
-Is the cat alive or dead?
-What the hell is a quark; or are quantum physicists just fucking with our heads?
-Why is it necessary to read through half a manga before deciding whether you like it or not?
-Are God and Murphy really the same being?
-Why does everyone hate those who help them?
-How can you say you've 'lost your marbles'?(Aren't insane people unable to realize they're insane?)
-How can time fly if it doesn't have wings?
-Where do mystery bruises come from?
-If we stopped crapping, does that mean we would stop rapping?
-Why the hell do we need 3-hour infomercials on a blender?(If it's that hard to understand, then do we need it?)
-Who invented the use of the horse crop in BSDM?
-Why are people in my generation obssessed with homosexuals?(Not that it's a bad thing, right?)

Okay....I was going to Barnes&Noble with my dad, and I got stuck behind this white minivan with a couple of really irritating bumper stickers on it. The first was a Jesus-Fish with the word 'truth' inside eating a Jesus-Fish with the word 'Darwin' inside. Excuse me! Until you have proof of God, do not bash the proof of evolution. (If God is so perfect and loving, why does he demand faith and worship? Sounds like Hitler to me.) The other sticker said "MARRIAGE=(bathroom-man pic)+(bathroom-woman pic)" The hell it does. Women suck cock just as much (more, even) then men do, and most men admit to having fantasies of two or more naked women in their bed (with OR without them in it). If that isn't slight denial of the inherent gayness in all of us, I don't know what is.

Fuck the homo-hating, Jesus-freaks. Aren't you supposed to be loving and tolerant like your faith tells you to?

Done ranting,

P.S. I came out of B&N with two manga (Legal Drug Vol.1 by CLAMP and Midori Days Vol.4 by Kazurou Inoue), and as me'n'my dad were buckling up, a car pulled up in the parking spot in front and one to the left of me and honked. I looked up, saw a lady I didn't recognize waving at me, and I was confused. Or at least I was until I saw Mr. Udey grinning like a loon and waving at me from the passenger seat of said car.

I waved and grinned crazily back, in case you were wondering. XD
02 March 2006 @ 02:25 pm

To those who know me, you can ignore this. To those who don't, leave a comment or something here if you want; I'll get back to you.

Bumbling around,
05 February 2006 @ 03:18 pm

To those who know me, you can ignore this. To those who don't, leave a comment or something here if you want; I'll get back to you.

Bumbling around,

20 January 2006 @ 02:03 pm

To those who know me, you can ignore this. To those who don't, leave a comment or something here if you want; I'll get back to you.

Bumbling around,